Vert Lymon – [Mixtape] – @Nahlej1


Vert Lymon Emerging underground talent in Houston- submitted by @Nahlej1

Historically, the music that came out of Houston all had the same identity.

It was described as slow ride music, all thanks to the the fallen soldiers such as the late DJ Screw, Big Moe, Hawk and many more.

But with the emergence of this new wave of artists coming out of Clutch City, there is no longer a category for Houston music.

Vert Lymon on his self titled mixtape, hosted by D.J Hood Rich Keem, and on his first mixtape hosted by D.J Holiday, The Prerequisite, he demonstrates just that.

He has an up tempo style of music that gets people going. Although, he gives us an up beat style of music, he still raps metaphors, still talks about hood trials.

“I feel like my style is real versatile across the board,” said Lymon. “It’s catchy good music. You’ll definitely remember my music.”

Also, similar to J.Cole, he share the broke college kid struggle.

Coming from St. Louis, MO, T.J Mills, also known as Vert Lymons graduated from Vanderbilt’s sociology program. He then went back to the Show Me State to attend Missouri for law school. There he was given a reality check about his future that eventually propelled his music career.

“The day I took rap serious vividly,” said Lymon. “It was a presentation welcoming us to law school and the professor gave us the hard truth. He said half of y’all won’t get a job when y’all graduate.”

Immediately after that, Lymon pursed his rap career. That weekend he and friends went into their home made studio and began recording.

While in law school, Lymon record a mixtape and graduate from Missouri’s law school. In hopes of gaining exposure from a huge market, he his TDMG family moved to Houston.

“We’re trying to attack the market here because Houston is the fourth biggest city in the U.S.A, there’s a ton of people who wants to here new music,” said Lymon. “You get heard here and you’ll have a fan base that can carry you forever.”

Right now, Lymon has a project coming out titled Lymon Got Hitz and there you’ll find his well rounded style. This time the he isn’t having a D.J. host his mixtape. His philosophy is rather than spending money on D.J hostings, he rather invest in to his movement.

“I wanna use the money to do more investing and networking because a hot D.J can you only take you so far,” said Lymon.

Right now Lymon and his TDMG group are hitting the streets networking with different local D.Js and gaining their buzz that way. In no time, the city of Houston will realize that Lymon Got Hits.

Vert Lymon the mixtape

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