Don’t call it a comeback!!


My great friend, Mr. IRunATX is back with a new site, check out the press release below.

April 1st, 2015 Austin, TX – Good day everyone, I hope all is well with you, my name is Aaron ‘Fresh’ Knight. Some of you may be familiar with me and my previous work on the music site, which I shut down at the beginning of the year. I am now back looking to connect with you all once more with an all-new media site that encompasses two cultures, Hip Hop and Comic Books. I am proud to announce the launch of, This new site will not focus on local artists as my previous site did, but providing insight into the cultures of Hip Hop and comic books, and the connection that is increasingly growing between both. The site will post new music from mainstream artist as well as buzzing up and coming artists. The site will keep readers informed on what’s going on in the music industry with new releases, interviews, write ups, etc. The site will also keep readers informed with what’s going on in the comic industry from, movie rumors, new releases of comics, news on upcoming video games, television shows, movies, comics, and more.

HipHopxComics will also be reviewing newly released movies, and albums/mixtapes. Art will be another aspect of the site. HipHopxComics will spot light rising artists, the recent and ever increasing emergence of artist in pop culture. Also while music is a part of HipHopxComics it will not serve as the main focus of the site, meaning that the main focus isn’t to feature or spot light artists or their music. There will not be a submission email for artist to submit music to, while you can email your music and it can be checked out, but there is no guarantee it will be posted. The site will be expanded into other avenues that will be coming soon and you all will be informed of.

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