Clearing The SMOKE!!!!


I have received a lot of flack regarding my latest endeavors and advancements.  I sat yesterday and even thought about WALKING AWAY and just becoming a fan again. Unbeknownst to me my savior and closest thing to a best friend I have in my life B-HARD reached out to assist me with my struggle.  I don’t agree with a lot of things that happen in the music industry but I will speak on that later. I decided to post this so that people would STOP thinking I’m unloyal and being a traitor or whatever else they decide to feel in private and will never say to me.  It seems to me people feel as if I owe them something and truly I don’t.  All of what I do is different nothing really intertwines EXCEPT me helping an artist.  I always try to remain positive and keep the ball rolling regardless of.  I have a few announcements that will be coming in the near future so keep your eyes open. I always say I don’t do anything when in fact my true gift is me being knowledgable and resourceful. I should be proud of that right?? My main goal is to give artists a voice and an outlet when others won’t.  Please stop preaching to me about the money I need to swindle out of people and how far you think I should be by now.  Hell I’ve only been attempting to blog for a year! I’m not a writer/journalist but I know about music! Give me time! I have so much to learn and educate myself on.  What I have learned thus far is that people think there is some type of magic formula to this.  What I do is support people who in turn support me I know it seems like it should be more complex but it’s not.  Outside of that the only explanation for me doing what I do is that I love music.  GET IT? GOT IT! GOOD?

♥ Thank you B and Meechie I promise I would have made a few foolish decisions based on emotion had it not been for you two. ♥

S/O to Big Pup ,A-1, EP, and Murk of  ThaPhoundation as well for being so supportive and encouraging!  

Tootie’s Affiliation Summary:

 Music2MyEars: Personal Blog, non profit built to help promote Houston underground artists.  Posts music from local artists, info about events and lightly shares personal information.  While the blog is currently on hold due to accepting a contributor role with another prominent blog, Music2MyEars still hosts shows and showcases to benefit local artists and various charities.

Texas101Jams: Tootie hosts TootieWootie radio

To help promote underground artists.  Show airs on Fridays from 7-10. Plays music submitted from artists, interviews music industry related guests and shares information about upcoming events and charities.

 Str-8 Lace: Label where Tootie acts as Vice-President

To help advance the company which was founded to advance the careers of local artists.  Networks with industry people to build productive business relationships which in turn helps with Tootie’s other endeavours.

TrueSole:  Marketing Assitant

Production, Management and Entertainment Company which provides services needed by local artists such as graphics, websites and photography and videography. They also serve as a manager (not label) for local artists and models. Their primary goal is to direct their clients and affiliated artists with attracting media attention and hopefully signing with a label or becoming successful independent artist based on their individual goals.

Drankepidemic: Contributor

Write blogs and stories highlight the achievement of local and national artists and providing another avenue for them to reach a wider audience and share their craft.

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