Will you tune in?? For The Love of Tootie â™¥


What started out as a joke has become a horrible nightmare lol!! Thanks, to my used to be favorite friend BHard, I have a new reality show in the UNworks lol! The exclusions are what pretty much killed me lmao SMH geesh. Stay tuned this show may really hit the air!! StreetzView TV is for the people by the people! Clearly, I need to hurry and get booed up so people will stop playing matchmaker lol.

For professinal Flyers and affordable websites contact @TheBhard she truly does phenomenal work.

*New Video* Spacin’ from Hollywood Ken and The SpaceCamp


If you all remember I briefly spoke on Hollywood Ken earlier this year. I blogged about Trapp (R.I.P) who was featured on his hit “Tore UP!” Now, Ken is back with Spacin‘. A little different from his normal flow it shows his versatility. Take a listen and peek at the vid below.

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Str8Lace Presents TankLaw 8323SupremeBeing Mixtape Release at Nox

Mixtape Release

Mixtape Release


Tuesday, at Nox Houston , Str8Lace Ent. celebrated the 8323SupremeBeing mixtape release. The place was jammed packed!! TankLaw, was definitely treated as a chief should be. Not only, was his section over crowded with his supporters, he gained quite a few new fans. If I release anything, I’d like to do it in this fashion. Meechie, spared no expense, sending multiple bottles to his protege’. It was 4th of July on December 18th!! What I love about Meech, is he isn’t the type of CEO who wants to steal the shine of his artist. During the release, he just stood, smiled and shook a few hands. GO Artist, Cell Scott, was in attendance to show support. Be sure to listen for the Standing on the couch Remix ft. Cell Scott on 97.9 during the Swisha House Mix w/Michael Watts.

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Download the mixtape here:

TONIGHT!!! TankLaw’s Mixtape Release will be at NOX Houston


Tonight you won’t want to miss Nox Houston! Str8Lace Ent. recording artist TankLaw, will be having his mixtape release. Fat Pimp, will be having his Roll Me Up video release. Come out, have a few drinks, and have a little fun at Industry Tuesdays.

Listen to Standing On The Couch ft. Cell Scott below