The League of Extraordinary Gz “Billie Jean”

The story behind this group touched my heart. As you all know I work in the healthcare industry and I have a soft heart for people in general. Octavis Berry, passed away October 14th 2011, due to a pulmonary embolism that went undetected. I just wanted to give a little back ground on the guys. If you can read this article to make yourself more aware. I am usually never really open about my personal life or views but I really feel that this is why we need Obamacare.  People fuss but a life could have potentially been saved. Berry,started the group, League of Extraordinary G’z with members Dred Skott, SouthBound, and Da C.O.D.. Listen to their new track Billie Jean. This song let’s you know that the trap life is alive and well.  I like how the production was simple and to the point.  The producer was careful not to over power the artists so that you can hear the message loud and clear.  S/O to @SoloniaMedia for the heads up! I am now googling all things League lol.

Billie Jean

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