Rest In Peace Brandon “Trapp Money” Williams

Anyone who knows me knows Trapp and I used to pick at each other. He was sooooo very arrogant! And I couldn’t stand it. Lol I remember when I first met him he looked at me and said “Ummm who is you?” and I said the same to him. He boasted “Gul I’m Trapp Money You Ain’t know??” We had our lil riffs but we got over that! I found out he was just as goofy as I was. He was a good friend to have for many I know and grew up with. My heart goes out to his Family, T-Stew, B.O., Hollywood Ken, Bernard, and the rest of the circle. I promise I will never forget acting crazy in the lobby of the Marriott in Alexandria with Him, De, Kissy and the crew!! In honor of Trapp This will be the only post that I will do today! He deserves that much!! REST IN PEACE TRAPP!

Tore Up Ft. Hollywood Ken

Download Trapp’s Mixtape here ===>

One comment

  1. Kia · October 7, 2012

    So sad..another soldier has gone..ill neva 4ger those school days..u had me laughin everyday…unbelievable mane 4real but u in a better place and u definitely left a mark on everyone u met. Much love 2 tha fam and i will continue prayin..btw jus finished ballin 4 u off of ur song. 😦

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