Pimp Click Playaz in Alwayz Therro Magazine

Pimp Click Playaz – Now Or Never (CD COVER), Traycard, Track By Track Statements from Big Love


  1. Only The Real – We made that record to re-introduce the Pimp Click to the world. We were pretty much thinking about our fans that have stuck with us through the years and thought we’d let them know we still representin’ real.
  2. What Yall Want? – That record is a trunk banger. It’s produced by a cat named Kalipso. The Pimp Click Playaz are on there wildin’ out aggressively on this record. Straight up gangsta.
  3. Game Complete (featuring Lil Mario) – Lil Mario is an original Swisha House member. He has been friends with Big Love and Don Vesto since youth; it was only a matter of time they collaborated. There are some very bold lyrics stated on this record.
  4. Put It To Em Plain – What we did was spit a piece of an old East Coast line with Big Love’s southern drawl on the hook, then lyrically took care of our business on a slamming track from Pelon. Guaranteed to knock trunks across the continent.
  5. Suppose To Be My B**ch – If this project is to let the masses know the Pimp Click Playaz plan to be taken seriously, this record is to exclusively let the ladies know their seriousness as well. Vocalist Dubble Nut harmonizes like a seasoned veteran on this record.
  6. Hittin’ A Lick – Here the Pimp Click Playaz plot on a come up and set a would-be distributor up for the jack move.
  7. Raw Azz N****z – We straight up coming into your crib taking what we want on this one. We gave cats the business on the verses too. People are arguing over which Pimp Click Playa came the rawest on this record.
  8. 84 Swang (featuring Jokaman) – This hook is pretty much already known throughout the South. This record glorifies the popular rim craze in Houston and features Jokaman, who peeps his head up from under the mixtape circuit to join his hood homey Big Love.
  9. Now They Sick – We just went in the lab and rode off a sample of Stink’s from another record. Another engaging track from Pelon sure to rattle the trunk.
  10. Bang, Bang – Just some of that Pimp Click bravado music. Letting cats know how we do it in the rap game and in the streets. Long time Houston producer BDASH3 makes his presence felt on this record.
  11. Shorty Wanna Be With Me – Produced by Big Roy is a record we all need to hear. Sometimes women make the wrong relationship decisions and live unhappily ever after, we’re just shedding light on that situation.
  12. Get Low – This record is for the strippers. They are becoming a promotional product for hip-hop artist so we had to make this record for them.
  13. Been There, Done That – We just speak as rap game pro’s on this record. There isn’t really anything in this rap game we haven’t experienced and we just put it down and let it be known.

Too Much To Lose – That’s one of our favorite records on the album. Line for line on this one is the truth and nothing but the truth. Our honest opinion on how we are received by other artist in Houston.


Credit: This article was posted in Alwayz Therro Magazine.

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