Mr. Triple Beam

As we all know there are just certain things you don’t have to explain. I won’t say Willean is back with a banger. He has always made music. A Botany Boy, Clover G, and Father; don’t adequately describe him. Often, the quiet one who waves from a distance, his music is quite a contrast. One can’t discuss the SUC without is name being mentioned. Mr. Triple Beam dubbed Willean by Dj Screw is an O.G. in the Houston rap game. And of course who could forget Screw himself saying not to leave your cup around Willean he will drink your shit!!! All of these new artists talk about double cup this and that but we all know it’s nothing new. I always like to tell people I admire their work when I have the chance, so this could be one way of expressing that. You can’t build, buy or make people like him. Honest and humble are 2 words that come to mind. Listen to this track “My Cup” featuring another O.G. ESG and the Bloc Boyz Click.

My Cup (goes everywhere I go) ft. E.S.G. and Bloc Boyz Click


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