Trill”Young”Heir Need I say more?

I love to see women making moves!  Breniesha aka the “Princess of Trill,” is the daughter of Bun-B and Queenie Freeman. Unless you live under a rock I’m sure you know that Bun, is the “King of Trill,” and 1/2 of the supergroup UGK. Not only, has Bre made a name for herself, she is branding it in more ways than one. GoHustler, Fashion Mogul, and Taylor’s Auntie are only some of the hats worn by her.  (I had to mention Taylor she is adorable and even has an instagram)  Most would assume, being the daughter of rap royalty, Bre would be a stranger to hard work. WRONG!!  Her family does so much for the community and are always supporting a good cause. You can’t buy those qualities or fake them. So down to earth, they exude class, yet don’t forget where they came from. I just wanted to Salute Bre, for making her dreams come true, and being an example for young women.  I know her parents are proud!

Be sure to visit to get the latest merchandise.  Follow Bre on twitter @PRINCESSOFTRILL

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