Mr. Triple Beam

As we all know there are just certain things you don’t have to explain. I won’t say Willean is back with a banger. He has always made music. A Botany Boy, Clover G, and Father; don’t adequately describe him. Often, the quiet one who waves from a distance, his music is quite a contrast. One can’t discuss the SUC without is name being mentioned. Mr. Triple Beam dubbed Willean by Dj Screw is an O.G. in the Houston rap game. And of course who could forget Screw himself saying not to leave your cup around Willean he will drink your shit!!! All of these new artists talk about double cup this and that but we all know it’s nothing new. I always like to tell people I admire their work when I have the chance, so this could be one way of expressing that. You can’t build, buy or make people like him. Honest and humble are 2 words that come to mind. Listen to this track “My Cup” featuring another O.G. ESG and the Bloc Boyz Click.

My Cup (goes everywhere I go) ft. E.S.G. and Bloc Boyz Click


Sheeeee’s Baaaaaack!!!! Round 2 Shemix – Carmen Sandiego

Yall know how I feel about Carmen!! She has made a way for the ladies here in the H. I DON’T GIVE A DAMN WHAT ANYONE SAYS, TIL THIS DAY when “Ball With Me” comes on we all drop it!!! Known to stand her ground in a game full of hardheads. Having a soft ass helps in some situations lol. I love her!! She knows that XOXOXOXO

Follow her on twitter @CarmenSand also she is having a video shoot on 9/30 hit her up for details.

Stalemate- by @YesIAMTrouble

Our pride was the killer, and the relationship is what was left for dead Sometimes the worst words ever said, are the words never said
But then again words are just words anyway, no matter how poetic
No one hears your poetry afterwhile, once they see your actions are pathetic My intentions was to love you but I thought I’de soon regret it, So I pushed these feelings aside and to you I never said it
So many things I wanted to do to show you the way that I was feeling
But was afraid that it was too early in the game and they would be too revealing
We both play this game because neither one of us wants to be the first to admit they’ve fallen out of fear the other will not reciprocate
And rather for one of us to admit our condition we say we’ll just sit here and wait
For the other, but still in fear that the other will find another
Is it better for someone else to have you then for my heart to suffer ?
It’s safe…Safe behind these unyielding walls we’ve both built around us, we shoot arrows from behind these barricades hoping to get an emotional reaction
Then shelter our own feelings when that reaction is not to our satisfaction We remain dormant from this torment
Repeating yesterdays and holding off tommorows
As if time is going to be forgiving and give us days to borrow.
We both exhaustingly repeat the steps to this monotonous dance
Steps to strategically hinder the other from gaining the upperhand
Two cowards unwilling to grasp the notion that affection towards them still exists
How captivating it has to be for Love to watch the tactics of two pessimists
To Love so disrespectful
And not until one of us tire of this game will the other be regretful
Not until one decides to let go of past baggage
Will we be able to see the eachother as a Lovers and not just another savage
We’re like a Lion and a Lioness circling around a kill which is sufficient enough to feed the whole pride
Too selfish to concede to the feeling of falling because we are prisoners to our own pride
You can’t feed egos with insecurities and expect them not to gain weight
Weight that’s detrimental to your soul and too much for your heart to take
Both knowing the physical, mental, and emotional harm we do
We justify these actions out of fear that an I Love You will not be followed by an I Love You Too

WOW!!! Is all I can say. You never know what talent is bottled up in someone. Ladies, if the picture alone doesn’t grasp your attention READ this please!!!! AND READ IT AGAIN! ♥

Hog Season – Big Pup

Earlier this year I warned you that Pup would be releasing “Hog Season!” Here are a few tracks from the project. Be sure to get at him for a copy! Support starts at home. Support your local Artists!

Look At Me Now ft Aliesha Rene

Getting It ft. Shun-O

New Video Get Loud by Tamara Bubble

Tamara is a songwriter, actress, singer and model from Brooklyn, NY. She dabbles in all genres of music. I love when artists expand their horizons! Her Debut album “Unleashed,” is coming later this year.

Loud is now available on iTunes

Debut Album Unleashed is available on preorder

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