MR. WIRED UP “Oh Boy!!”

There is so much more to Mr. Wired Up than making hits for the strip club. Not only, is he the CEO of TRP Music Group, he is a DJ as well. Not to mention, he is affiliated with one of my faves!! BossLadyJaye 🙂 ♥ I like that you can P-Pop, Groove, or ride to his music. He’s done collabs with Dj Chose, Young Redd, Lil Flip, Grit Boys, Kandi Red, OG Ron C, Fat Pimp, and Lil O. He doesn’t make a “type” of music. This is what puts him in a category of his own. You have to be versatile in this industry and he has definitely showed that he is. Make sure you download The Oh Boy Chronicles on iTunes, Google Play Store, and MySpace Music.

For features or bookings contact


Ass ft. Vic D

Lap Dance ft. Yung Redd

Whoop Produced by Fred The Producer

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