713Seville IS BACK!!!!

Never heard of 713Seville? I’ve been a fan of these guys for at least 10 years. They're no newcomers to the music game. 713Seville aka C-Moe, Ced-B, Geno, and Stefon are back. I'm sure, after their short stint apart, they have so many ideas and songs their new project will come about quickly. I love "Man For You" I always joke with C-Moe because I want this song to be performed when I marry in like 2060 LOL. S/O to Meechie for believing in them back in the gap and having an ear to know that their voices would blend as well as they do. C-Moe, has been writing hits left and right. The CEO of the Narrators, has penned songs for numerous artists. Mya, Ryan Leslie,JustBrittany, Lil Flip, Hawk, Dboss, Scarface, Gucci Mane, *takes breath* Shawty Lo, Big Moe, Sean Paul, and Ying Yang Twins and more have been blessed with his gift.. I'm so excited these guys are back together and look forward to hearing new music from them. Listen to the tracks below and tell me they aren't excellent. 🙂
Visit their websites www.713seville.com  and www.TheNarrators.com

Last Call

Man For You

Tonight Lil Flip ft Seville

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