Rob Gullatte – Abortion The Project

Nothing short of pure genius, Rob Gullatte, has dropped ATP. ATP- Abortion The Project had me captivated from beginning to end. When he forwarded the project to me I knew it would be good. I admit, I should have assumed it would be great, instead of good, knowing his talent. Rob is no new comer to the rap game. He goes from talking about romance, to the streets, to everyday issues, he covered them all. Take a listen to the tracks below and see for yourself. LVOE LOVE LOVE this CD I have been cheating on Delo and Big Krit for Rob lol!



Different People Ft. Delo and C7

Get Lost With You Ft. Note

Generation X ft. Chyco

Screen Door ft. Show <===== My New Mantra LOL

DDU I’m a Baller ft. Lil B

Take a listen to DDU’s new single “Ima Baller” ft. Lil B. This song is off their upcoming Mix Tape “Jeopardy: The Alex Trebec Saga.” DDU is an up and coming Hip-Hop group hailing from the Golden State of California (Los Angeles, Oakland and Sacramento/Inland Empire).


You can hear more music from DDU at or their Sound Cloud:

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I’m a Baller ft. Lil B

Big Love ♥

Reppin the Nawf side of the H, Big Love, looks opposite of that title. Upon first glance, I don’t think, I would want to cross him the wrong way. But hey even the toughest people have hearts. He has teamed up with some OG’s in the Htown rap game and came out with hits. Take a listen to Scarface ft. ESG and I Just Wanna Ft. Ronnie and Ronetta Spencer.

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I Just Wanna