Mr. Bully On The Beat aka Kabthadon

KAB, who has rightfully earned the moniker “Bully on the Beat,” is the definition of versatile. Raised on the Northside of Houston (Greenspoint) this dude makes his presence known. Whether it be saying his catch phrase #WHATMUHFUKA or just walking in a room you can’t help but notice him. With a smile, that would make the sun jealous (all that damn gold), standing about 6’3, and a permanent mean mug; at first glimpse he doesn’t seem like the one to mess with. Hearing about KAB by way of Doughbeezy. (you will read about him soon) I attended a few shows and saw the way KAB lyrically assaulted any beat he spat on. I decided to dig a little deeper and see just who he was.

From winning the cypher at Kickback Sundays (hosted by SF2), to being sought after by Houston’s Elite, for features and collabs he has accomplished alot. Knowing him off the mic is truly the icing on the cake though. Not saying he isn’t a tough guy but he has an awesome sense of humor. Not to mention, he is a favorite amongst the ladies! I posted my favorite tracks below “Move Me” and the “Outro.” He has so many great punch lines; yet my fave is, “I’m not tryna find ya heart, I took the scenic route!” Hmph! sounds like some sh*t I would say. Make sure you download Bully on the Beat and hear some “Good Music,” which happens to be the title of one of his tracks.

Check out the interview he did with Delo, Jack Freeman, on the The Brad Gilmore show its HILARIOUS!

Move Me

OUTRO!! He fuc*ed all over this beat!! Lol love it!!

Follow KAB on twitter @KABTHADON and for more info hit up

Me Reppin for KAB when he opened for Slaughterhouse at Warehouse Live!!

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