Who is Duck??

Well, not only did I use that phrase to title this post, it happens to be the question I will answer for you. By way of Southpark, in the heart of Houston, Texas; Damien Duckworth, is an artist you’ll want to listen out for. With production credits from, Houston’s own platinum producer Davion Botts “DBottz” Duck is on his way to being a household name in no time. His baritone voice is so rich it oozes over the beats like honey. He may be new to the music scene, but there is definitely wisdom stemming from past experiences in each verse.

What I like about Duck, is that he is versatile this is a crucial chracteristic in the rap game. Lyricists, have to be able to deliver a message, to different walks of life and be related to. Ducks first mix tape entitled Unstable Mind Frame is slated for release this season.

Duck, is coming into the game strong, he has accomplished quite a bit already. The single, Other Side, was first place winner at Coast 2 Coast’s SXSW rap contest. Featured on 50 cent’s website http://www.thisis50.com. He was also featured on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes’ Top 50 Indie Artist Mixtape Vol.102! Take a listen to the track below “Otherside!!”


Contact information:Duck Management Team

Call: (281) 845-DUCK (3825)
Visit: http://www.whoisduck.com
Like: http://www.fb.com/whoisduck.
Follow: @whoisduck

Be sure to come and check Duck out tomorrow at the event on the flyer.

She Ain’t No Joke

Glorious crooner Algebra Blessett has dropped some heat!!!!
“I Ain’t No Joke” is the first track off Algebra’s forthcoming mixtape “Dessert Before Dinner,” and by the looks of things she plans on turning the music volume all the way up.

Prior to the new release, Algebra achieved a #1 song with her wedding duet “4Evermore” with Anthony David in 2011. I love her music, her tone of voice, she is just so versatile. Her lyrics flow like liquid over the beats provided.

I Ain’t No Joke

And a bonus my favorite song by her for various reasons ♥

At this time

Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation *Ages 18-25*

Here is some scholarship information if you need help with funding for schooling. There are stipulations so read the information in its entirety. 🙂

*Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation*

*APPLICATION DEADLINE is May 15th, 2012*

*Eligibility Requirements**
Qualified applicants must be a high school senior, college student,
and/or between the ages of 18-25, pursuing studies at a vocational or
trade school. All applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.5, be a US
Citizen and complete the on-line application no later than the published
deadline date, which is May 15, 2012.

The Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation is unique in that it offers
scholarships to single mothers, children who attend alternative schools,
students who have earned a GED, students with grade point averages of
2.0 and students who have previously been incarcerated, etc. but desire
a higher educational opportunity. This group is generally not the
recipients of college scholarships and is typically ignored by the Board
of Education.

The Shawn Carter Foundation offers scholarship opportunities to any
under-served student across the United States who desires a higher
education. One of the key questions asked by the Foundation when
students apply for a scholarship is: What are your plans to give back to
the community?”.

CLICK LINK TO APPLY TODAY!!! http://www.shawncartersf.com/apply/

A MUST DOWNLOAD Sex, Love, and Hip hop by Verse Simmonds

Verse Simmonds has been receiving a lot of play time in the Impala lol. Love love love this mixtape. This is that after your bubble bath music!! I’m posting a few songs below and no I’m not going to post Boo Thang sorry 😦 ♥ (Quick post on my break no time to expound on his talent) it speaks for its self anyhow!!!

Talk That

Who do you love Ft. MusiqSoulchild

Love Can Burn

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally a few young artists emerge with talent that’s far beyond their years. Anais, makes you wonder, how on Earth we let so many wack artists find success with mediocrity?? Anais Aida, is among the exceptional few!! Just listen to her version of Rhianna’s “Skin” or her original song “Love Can Burn” she is just breath taking!

Love Can Burn

Skin (cover)


The word such is used in two ways: 1) to emphasize a quality “he has such a good heart” 2) to show a similarity “such as”. SuCh, a hybrid of Su Charles her birth name, is an excellent songtress. SuCh is Haitian-American and a Boston born, New York raised, California educated power house. She has been on American Idol and performed so many places I could never list them all. She has met and performed with Patrice Rushen, Peter Cincotti, Kurt Elling, Dave Koz. That’s quite an impressive resume if you ask me. (Lord knows I adore Patrice Rushen)


Connect with SuCh